Schilling Asset Management solution

To keep up with external and internal demands on publishers regarding control, insight, and the best utilisation of rights, you need a simple and efficient solution. How do you keep track of your assets and secondary rights?

How can we make this process easier? Schilling’s Royalty solution can help!

Schilling Asset Management ensures that you are in control of all publications and their assets, for example cover photos, cover graphics, illustrations, photos, texts, audio, etc.

Schilling Asset Management makes it easy to:

  • Keep track of all agreements and avoid any unauthorised use of assets.
  • See how many copies of an asset you have printed, in how many publications you have used it, or if you have the rights to sell it in other countries.
  • Correct validation (knowing exactly what permissions you have and when they expire).
  • With unique numbers in your own digital archive you will avoid any wrong use of your assets.

You can download our product sheet here and read more about Schilling Asset Management: Download product sheet about Schilling Asset Management

If this sounds interesting, or if you still think it is all a bit overwhelming, you can contact us via this link: Contact us for more information about Schillings Asset Management solution