Natur & Kultur obtain overview with new Finance system by Schilling

Seven years ago, the Swedish publishing company Natur & Kultur needed a new finance system. Now they are supported across the board by their Danish business partner Schilling.


Since 2004 Schilling A/S has provided the Swedish publishing company Natur & Kultur (NOK) a full overview of a variety of business processes. They were chosen for the job for many reasons.

But the primary reason is that seven years ago, we realised the finance system we had at the time no longer provided optimum support for our business processes and organisation. So we began exploring the options available in the market, explains Gert Walling, Divison Manager at NOK

Word of mouth

The publishing industry resembles a family in many ways, and word of mouth is a favourite method in the industry, for instance when choosing new systems.

Our CFO had heard a lot of good things about Schilling from other publishers. And one of the ways in which Schilling clearly differs from other companies was that they know the publishing industry and base their system structure on their experience from and knowledge of the industry, explains Gert Wallin

And now, seven years later, the Swedish publisher has no regrets. And much has happened since Natur & Kultur purchased the finance system and gained overview. 

“Now we have pretty much the entire package to support our administration with very reliable solutions,” points out Gert Wallin.

The little difference

Even though it can be difficult to see a difference from one ERP solution to another, according to Gert Wallin it is the little things that turn out to be critical.

“At least in our industry there is one crucial difference: Royalties. This is where Schilling is different – they supply the best system. A well- functioning royalty system is the key to main- taining good relations with authors. And good relations with the authors is one very important key to running a successful publishing house, emphasises Gert Wallin.

Seven years partnership

Over the years, Natur & Kultur has developed close ties with the staff at Schilling, who in turn understand the Swedish publisher’s needs, structures and processes from a-z. It is more like a partnership than a traditional customer- supplier relationship.

“After seven years, relations between us have come to resemble a marriage. We don’t need to use a lot of words to get things done,” concludes Gert Wallin.

You can download the full case story here.