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Turn good content into great business with a full overview and calculations of profitability
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Plan, manage and market your complete print, audio and digital publishing portfolio more efficiently

Is your project management system truly helping you work at maximum efficiency? Are you meeting your launch expectations? Is your system created specifically for publishing? Does your software address symptoms or provide a cure?

With all data accessible to every department from a single point of entry, Schilling Publishing Lifecycle Management guarantees transparent planning, information sharing, and successful production. You can easily calculate the profitability of a project and project plans. Save time. Make the right decisions. React quickly and effectively to corrections in budgets, forecasts, and calculations. And optimise project management, sales, and marketing. Easily and intuitively.

You’ll have metadata under control and ensure that the right data is accessible. You’ll be able to calculate and follow up on projects more accurately. You’ll even find releasing new formats of the same work easy, thanks to convenient templates.

  • Give every department an overview of all activities, and find and distribute information easily
  • Be ready for change based on a full overview of all publications
  • Work efficiently with user-friendly project templates for all processes
  • Calculate royalties automatically with recorded author agreements
  • Improve quality and employee satisfaction with accessibility, transparency and ease of use
  • Increase earnings and performance with a transparent, accurate foundation for decisions

Your full overview

Everything you need is here. Print run. Pre- and post-publication calculations. Metadata. A complete picture of the production plan and status. And more!

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What our customers say


GO Forlag implements Schilling Publishing in 30 days

User training, testing, and a standard solution with few adaptations made it easy for GO Forlag to handle everything from contracts and royalties to printed and digital publications efficiently.


We particularly liked the flexibility of the full Schilling Publishing suite for its module-based structure together with Schilling’s version update programme, user groups and special support, and their knowledge of the publishing industry.

Gisle Glück Evensen Group CFO, Aschehoug

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Schilling Publishing lifecycle management

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