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Simpler work processes increase your efficiency and revenue.
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Saving time and money while staying in full control of your publishing rights has never been easier

Managing your rights doesn’t have to be complex. With Schilling publishing rights management software, you have the complete overview you need – easily. You get support in every step of the acquisition, utilisation and resale process and can easily keep track of how to use your rights, including specific terms. Enter data only once, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

For example, you’ll always have the correct templates, ensuring you always have the correct agreements. You’ll be able to create royalty agreements without rights 10 times faster than manually. Since follow-up occurs automatically, all agreements are followed. And if contracts are approved via our author portal, you receive them more quickly, too.

  • Manage the process, marketing and follow-up
  • Control multiple book deals and global advances
  • Buy and sell rights simply
  • Control own utilisations, secondary rights, co-production, supplements and options
  • Allocate resources and monitor the entire contract signing process with response codes and status reports
  • Generate customised, high-quality acquisition contracts automatically
  • Sign contracts digitally
  • Administer royalties and licences
  • Receive/send warnings and notifications automatically
  • Handle statements, payments and invoicing efficiently

Customised contracts in a flash!

Schilling rights management software enables you to automatically create contracts based on your own, unique templates. This guarantees that you comply with company standards and, since it eliminates manual routines, saves you time big time.

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What our customers say


Flexibility and specialised knowledge key

Norstedts, Sweden’s second-largest publishing group, sees its Schilling publishing software not as an expense, but as an investment that pays back through smoother, more efficient processes. Schilling employees’ vast publishing expertise is one reason why.


We estimate that the project as a whole has given an increase in efficiency of 30%, and our guess is that the Schilling system accounts for half of the impact.

Anders Vendelvik CIO, Bonnierförlagen

Choose a single module or a flexible, fully integrated solution

Schilling Asset management

Asset management

Register, track and validate all your assets and view all available rights – simply
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Schilling Rights management

Rights management

Easily manage all your contracts and rights re: acquisitions, own utilisation and sales to foreign partners
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Schilling Royalty management

Royalty management

Save time and reduce costs while handling even complex agreements automatically and accurately
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Schilling Author portal

Author portal

Improve and manage your author and agent relations with a self-service solution that saves time and money
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Schilling Publishing lifecycle management

Publishing lifecycle management

Give every department easy access to all the info about a project, from idea to publication to reorder
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