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At last it's easy to keep up with all external and internal demands on asset management
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Complex? Not with Schilling's asset management software

Are you allowed to sell illustrations to a German publisher? To print 1,000 extra copies? May the film company use your cover photo? Administration of assets gets significantly easier, more efficient and, dare we say, even enjoyable with Schilling’s asset management software. What’s more, you can ensure that you don’t accidentally use materials you don’t have the rights to (and prevent the 100%+ expense).

Most publications include assets that are settled in other ways than via royalties. With Schilling, you’re always compliant and your secondary rights always registered. Simply integrate any web-based digital asset management system with our solution. You’ll save precious time and keep control. Which also saves money.

  • Keep track of all agreements
  • Prevent unauthorised use of the rights of others
  • Ensure that rights are registered and settled
  • See how many copies of an asset you have printed, in how many publications you have used it, and if you have the rights to sell the asset to other countries
  • Know exactly what asset permissions you have and when they expire
  • Identify assets with unique numbers in your own digital archive to eliminate incorrect use
  • Save time with all data in one system
  • Ensure a professional corporate image

Consider it a safety net

Automated work routines ensure that you cannot publish any material until you have purchased all the necessary rights for your assets. This short video shows how the process works.

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What our customers say


Natur & Kultur gets a full overview of business processes

One of the ways Schilling differs is their knowledge of the publishing industry, says the Swedish publishing customer. Since 2004, Natur & Kultur has depended on Schilling’s professional publishing software.


Schilling’s staff have a fundamental understanding of what it takes to run a publishing company. The publishing industry is special, and it is therefore vital that we have a partner who understands our challenges.

Per Stewart IT Director, Studentlitteratur

Choose a single module or a flexible, fully integrated solution

Schilling Asset management

Asset management

Register, track and validate all your assets and view all available rights – simply
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Schilling Rights management

Rights management

Easily manage all your contracts and rights re: acquisitions, own utilisation and sales to foreign partners
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Schilling Royalty management

Royalty management

Save time and reduce costs while handling even complex agreements automatically and accurately
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Schilling Author portal

Author portal

Improve and manage your author and agent relations with a self-service solution that saves time and money
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Schilling Publishing lifecycle management

Publishing lifecycle management

Give every department easy access to all the info about a project, from idea to publication to reorder
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