Professional Edition: Publishing software for small-medium and growing publishers

Schilling Professional Edition

Affordable, simple professional royalty & rights management software for growing publishers

Many top publishers have used Schilling to enable their growth. With Schilling Professional Edition, smaller publishers can too.

The corner stone of your business should not be managed in homegrown tools
Automating royalty & rights management is vital for small publishers who want to grow, because it simplifies complex, time-consuming settlements and ensures accurate and timely royalty payments and gives you better opportunity to automate management of rights acquisition, rights utilisation, and resale processes.

Prevent costly mistakes in royalty settlements

We have designed a package to fit small- to medium-sized publishers and to fit your needs for automation and simple efficient set-up – at an affordable price. Not only will our solution prevent costly mistakes; it will also allow you to scale your business without significantly increasing your administrative workload.

Royalty Professional Edition features

Automated settlements

Correct and automated settlement of terms in the royalty agreements with royalty calculation templates.

Unlimited number of royalty recipients

Unlimited number of royalty recipients and co-recipients, including significant contributors in compliance with EU regulations.

Advanced royalty engine

A large number of royalty calculation models that can be used for all formats of a title and set off in the settlement automatically.

Flexible calculation and edit options

Automatic compilation of error transactions ensures continuous overview and easy error correction.

Efficient final settlement

Close royalty agreements and easily make correct final settlements, even for complex agreements, with automatic calculation of loss from unused remaining guarantees.

Send royalty settlements directly

Send settlements to the royalty recipients via an online portal or as pdf files.

Detailed royalty settlements

Give royalty recipients a complete overview of sales, free copies, and inventory of physical products, and a summary page with several agreements. The system also handles returns.

Interactive reporting tool

Stay up to date with a complete overview of the publisher's royalties, any outstanding guarantee amounts, and income per royalty recipient or title.

Overview of your settlement runs

Includes future settlements and due settlements.

Quick distribution of inheritance

Distribute inheritance to one or more royalty recipients with just a few clicks for several titles in one go.

Return handling

Ensure that copies returned after the settlement period are included in the settlement for the period.

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