Sanoma Pro chooses Schilling to streamline their contract, rights and royalty processes


Leading educational publisher, Sanoma Pro, chooses Schilling to streamline their contract, rights and royalty processes

The market for educational material in Europe is on the verge of a major transformation. To cope with digitisation, increasing internationalisation, and complexity in the publishing processes, Sanoma Pro was looking for a solution that supports a more efficient and lean handling of their contracts, rights, and royalties, and optimises their relations and communication with their authors. One way of strengthening author relations is using author self-service where authors can for example check the latest royalty and sales status online.

To deal with these challenges, Sanoma Pro has chosen to implement the full Schilling Contract, Rights and Royalty (CRR) solution. Sanoma Pro is already using Schilling’s Royalty and Author Portal solution, which is fully integrated with their corporate finance system. For Sanoma Pro it is vital to have a cutting-edge solution that can support and grow with their activities in the market to constantly ensure efficient business performance and always be at the forefront of developments in the publishing industry.

“Our experiences with our current Royalty and Author Portal solution from Schilling have been very good. A lot of manual processes have been automated and the author portal is a great way to improve communication with our authors. By implementing an integrated contract, rights and royalty solution including digital signing of contracts, we expect to gain even more benefits”, says Sebastian Nordman, CFO, Sanoma Pro.

“Sanoma Pro is already a valued customer of Schilling. Our relations with our customers are based on a mutual partnership, which over the years has given Schilling an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. We are dedicated to provide best practice solutions that meet the needs of most publishers. The solutions purchased by Sanoma Pro are a very good example of how we provide value from best practice”, says Kent Valentin Fallesen, VP of Sales at Schilling.

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