Improve your business at Bogforum 2019

Are you attending Bogforum 2019? Do you want a better relationship with your authors? How do you make yourself accessible to new authors? Or more importantly, how do you improve your author relations? Schilling’s Author Portal can help you.

As self-publishing options grow and publishers battle over lucrative contributors, it’s never been more important to show authors and agents why they should choose you.

Schilling’s Author Portal helps you make information available online – whatever information you decide to share and whenever authors and agents want access to it (securely protected, of course). Such transparent and flexible extra services demonstrate your value, enhances communication, and improves author relations, all while taking some of the burden off your customer service department.

You’ll save time correcting master data and sharing sales numbers with authors. Plus, you’ll have all communication with authors documented easily and accurately.


  • A central communications module that takes care of all the communications between you, the authors, and other relevant parties.
  • You can make sales figures and royalty settlements available online.
  • Full contract history.
  • Authors can add comments, print, and even sign the contracts online.

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