Schilling Publishing Author Portal solution

The Schilling Author Portal is an easy and efficient tool that will help you enhance your author relations. The Author Portal makes the communication with your authors smoother and gives them a much better experience of your services. For you the solution also means fewer manual processes, reduced costs, and greater flexibility.

With Schilling’s Author Portal you can show your contributors and agents why they should choose you as their publisher. In short: An efficient tool to improve your author relations.

What are the benefits of the Schilling Author Portal?

  • Improve author relations when all written communication is stored in one central location and can easily be found later.
  • Sign author contracts and rights contracts online, save time, and minimise costs.
  • Save time by releasing information as soon as it is ready, for example royalty settlements and sales figures.
  • Better handling of direct relations with your authors makes you more competitive.

You can download our product sheet here and read more about Schilling Author Portal: Download product sheet about Schilling Asset Management

If this sounds interesting, or if you still think it is all a bit overwhelming, you can contact us via this link: Contact us for more information about Schillings Author Portal solution