Our Nordic publisher/author survey is now open for publishers

The publishing industry continues to evolve with digital technologies not just in content formats but in collaboration tools as well. It is crucial to understand how these changes affect the cooperation and expectations among authors and publishers.

We are launching a survey to investigate the needs that arise from the digital transformation in the mutual cooperation between publishers and authors. This research will help us identify areas where authors and publishers may need to adjust their strategies or enhance their partnerships to better meet the challenges from the digital landscape.

  • What specific needs have emerged for authors and publishers in terms of digital cooperation?
  • How have expectations changed regarding the roles and contributions of publishers and authors in the digital era?
  • What new forms of support are authors seeking from publishers as digital content distribution grows, and conversely, what do publishers expect from authors in terms of digital engagement and content creation?

By addressing these questions, the survey aims to shed light on the evolving dynamics of author/publisher relationships, guiding better practices, and fostering stronger partnerships in a digitally driven market.

If you are a Nordic publisher, we would like to  hear from you – no matter your size. When you participate, you will receive the results of the survey in the form of an extended non-public edition of a white paper.

You can request to join here.