GO Forlag A/S has selected Schilling to support all their work routines and help develop their business

GO Forlag is an educational publisher of high-quality learning materials for primary and secondary school within natural science, geography, biology, physics/chemistry, and maths.


As a consequence of digitisation and the increasing complexity in publishing processes, GO Forlag has decided to operate their primary business on a digital platform. To that end, they need a solution that ensures efficient handling of everything from contracts to printed and digital publications – a solution that supports and optimises all subscription types in the future.

After an extensive and thorough analysis of different solutions that support the business of digital publishers, the one that best matched our needs was Schilling’s subscription and royalty solution,

explains Tove From Jørgensen, director, GO Forlag.

“When we looked at the benefits we could gain by working with Schilling, we were convinced that Schilling’s solution would significantly improve our processes and give us a positive business case. During the implementation workshop we were very impressed with the advice and know-how of Schilling’s consultants. There were not “only” consultants – their in-depth knowledge of publishing inspired us to improve our processes.”

We continuously strive to improve our materials and provide better service to teachers. The partnership with Schilling will be an important tool to reach this goal,

says Tove From Jørgensen. “We see this project as the beginning of a long-term co-operation with Schilling and as a platform that can grow along with us.

I am really enthusiastic about our partnership with GO Forlag,

says Jan W. Juhl, Sales Manager at Schilling. “Their ambition to stay at the forefront of new opportunities for digital product offerings on-line will keep us on our toes and ensure that together we will keep developing the Schilling solution. Furthermore, GO Forlag’s long-term goal to continue to support learning with high-quality, professional and creative digital products on simple and easily accessible platforms is completely in line with Schilling’s strategy – namely to be the preferred partner of publishers who continuously develop their business to keep up with the digitisation in the market.”