BETT 2020: Keep track of rights and royalty payments

BETT 2020: Keep track of rights and royalty payments

BETT 2020: Keep track of rights and royalty payments. Are you tired of Excel and Word and need a better overview of your rights? Focus on your publishing business and let us handle the royalty and finance management.

Meet us at Bett Show in London. We know that working with rights, contracts, and royalty can be overwhelming and time-consuming – but it does not have to be that way. We have many different solutions depending on your needs.

Managing your rights doesn’t have to be complex. With the Schilling rights management software, you have the complete overview you need – and it’s easy. You have support in every step of the acquisition, utilisation, and resale processes and can easily keep track of how to use your rights, including specific terms. Enter data only once, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

For example, you’ll always have the correct templates, which ensures that you always use the correct agreements. You’ll be able to create royalty agreements without rights 10 times faster than manually.Since follow-up occurs automatically, you keep track of all agreements. And if contracts are approved via our Author Portal, you will receive them more quickly, too.

BETT 2020: Keep track of rights and royalty payments:

  • Manage the process, marketing, and follow-up
  • Control multiple book deals and global advances
  • Easily buy and sell rights
  • Control own utilisations, secondary rights, co-production, supplements and options
  • Allocate resources and monitor the entire contract signing process with response codes and status reports
  • Generate customised, high-quality acquisition contracts automatically
  • Sign contracts digitally
  • Administer royalties and licences
  • Receive and send warnings and notifications automatically
  • Handle statements, payments, and invoicing efficiently

Read more about BETT 2020 here.

We can help you make your daily work more efficient with a range of automatic processes that save time and simplify even the most complex work routines.

Hope to see you at Bett Show 2020! Call Jesper Schilling at +45 40 13 52 35 or write to to arrange a meeting.