BETT 2019: Good author relations are very important

Good author relations are very important but maintaining them is time-consuming. What if we told you there’s an easier way to share information, sign contracts, and communicate online?

Benefits of Schilling’s Author Portal:

  • Store all written communication in one central, easily accessible location
  • Sign author and rights contracts online, save time, and minimise costs
  • Release information such as royalty settlements and sales figures immediately
  • Enable authors to update their personal data themselves
  • Simplify negotiations by uploading contracts, enabling authors to make comments and suggestions, print contracts, and even sign contracts online
  • Make your publishing house more attractive and competitive

As self-publishing options grow and publishers battle over lucrative contributors, it’s never been more important to show authors and agents why they should choose you.

Schilling’s Author Portal helps you make information available online – whatever information you decide to share and whenever authors and agents want access to it (securely protected, of course). Such transparent and flexible extra services demonstrate your value, enhances communication, and improves author relations, all while taking some of the burden off your customer service department.

You’ll save time correcting master data and sharing sales numbers with authors. Plus, you’ll have all communication with authors documented easily and accurately.

Read more about Author Portal here.

Come and meet us at BETT on 23-26 January 2019 and hear more about Schilling’s Author Portal or our other solutions.


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