Studentlitteratur gets flexibility in Schilling’s royalty solutions

Studentlitteratur gets flexibility in Schilling’s royalty solutions. With specific publishing functionalities, a very flexible system structure and, especially, royalty management, Schilling’s products are streamlining business processes at the Swedish publishing company Studentlitteratur.


At the Swedish publishing company Studentlitteratur, people are proud to say that collaborating with Schilling has actually given their business a boost. Studentlitteratur gained flexibility with Schilling’s royalty solutions:

Partly, it’s because Schilling’s solutions provide optimum royalty management. You don’t find that many other places. And partly it’s because the rest of the system is also very flexible. The interaction between the different parts is very flexible, and can be easily adapted. This helps further boost our business, explains Per Stewart, IT Director at Studentlitteratur

Understands challenges

The fact that Schilling, in contrast to other suppliers, was able to provide solutions adapted specifically to publishing was a decisive factor for the Swedish publisher when choosing a new provider of their IT-related machine park.

It is important that Schilling’s products have the specific functionalities that make a difference in the publishing industry. But it’s just as important that Schilling’s staff have a fundamental understanding of what it takes to run a publishing company. The publishing industry is special and it is therefore vital that we have a partner who understands our challenges, says Per Stewart

About Studenterlitteratur:

Studentlitteratur is an innovative educational publisher who constantly wants to improve learning, simplify everyday life and create results for teachers, students, students and professionals, as well as for authors.

About Schilling:

Schilling has worked with publishers for more than 20 years. 96% of Schilling’s customerswould recommend Schilling to other publishers. Schilling specialises in software solutions that support best practice business processes for publishing activities, including modules for optimising publishing lifecycle management (PLM), contracts, rights and royalty manage- ment (CRR), and author relations – solutions that provide business insight and agility and have a proven return on investment between 12 to 18 months.

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