Schilling A/S ensures Cappelen Damm gains overview

Norway’s largest publishing house, Cappelen Damm, finds that their partnership with the Danish IT supplier Schilling gives them a good overview of their business and that Shilling’s employees are proactive and helpful.


Cappelen Damm is one of Norway’s three largest publishers with the entire range of literary genres, distribution, booksellers, educational material etc.

Since 2007
To manage the financial aspects of this complex puzzle, Cappelen Damm chose the Danish company Schilling as their IT partner, a choice that dates back to 2007 when Cappelen Damm was created through a merger between Cappelen and Damm. Cappelen Damm needed good overview of their publishing activities and the assignment was given to Schilling.

Because many systems are integrated in the value chain we had to choose all systems from one of the merger companies,

says Heidi Antonsen, CFO at Cappelen Damm.

Most efficient royalty solution
A deciding factor in choosing Schilling for the newly established publishing house was Schilling’s efficient royalty module.

Because royalty calculation is quite complex and at the same time one of the most important financial transactions for a publisher, we chose Schilling because Schilling has the most efficient royalty solution in the market as far as we know, point out Heidi Antonsen


About Cappelen Damm:

Cappelen Damm is Norway’s largest publisher. Cappelen Damm develops, sells and distributes knowledge, culture and reading experiences to adults and children.

About Schilling:

Schilling has worked with publishers for more than 20 years. 96% of Schilling’s customerswould recommend Schilling to other publishers. Schilling specialises in software solutions that support best practice business processes for publishing activities, including modules for optimising publishing lifecycle management (PLM), contracts, rights and royalty manage- ment (CRR), and author relations – solutions that provide business insight and agility and have a proven return on investment between 12 to 18 months.