Sanoma Pro manages publishing royalties with Schilling

Sanoma Pro, Finnish publishing giant, needed a publishing solution that could effectively manage royalties and interact with the company’s other systems. They also needed a high-quality system to be implemented quickly and be at the forefront of international developments in the publishing industry. Not an easy task, but the Danish solution provider Schilling was able to deliver.


Like most publishing houses, Finnish Sanoma Pro – part of Finland’s largest publishing group, Sanoma – wants to effectively adapt their processes to the market. One of the most complicated tasks in the publishing industry is the settlement of royalties between publisher and author. It is complicated accounting, but ultimately it is also a process that is critical for good relations between authors and publishing companies.

Full integration

All publishing houses face challenges. We needed a cutting-edge solution to manage our royalties, and it was important to us that the solution could function in a multi-system environment as this would let us integrate it with the rest of our IT platform. It was imperative for us to find a business partner we could trust and who could understand our needs – as well as deliver very quickly, explains Salla Terho, CFO at the Finnish publishing giant.

Attention turns towards Denmark

After a relatively fast, yet thorough assessment of the players in the market, Sanoma Pro decided to turn their attention to Denmark.

Everything Schilling told us matched our ref- erences. It was clear that their comprehensive knowledge of the publishing industry meant that they would be able to deliver a solution which would be ready for use almost from day one. In view of the time factor, this was very important,” Salla Terho says.

Since the deal was made, things have been busy at Sanoma and Schilling. According to Salla Terho this has not affected the quality, however:

“First of all, the Schilling team’s approach to the task has been extremely focused and dedi- cated. In addition to their vast knowledge about the publishing industry and our need for a royalty system that can both settle and ensure interactivity between publisher and author, the Schilling staff have integrated smoothly in our organisation. Throughout the entire process, they kept their focus on solutions. They were even able to look ahead and envisage more demands and challenges on the global publishing arena than just those of today and tomorrow”, she concludes.  


Sanoma Pro:

Sanoma Pro is Finland’s largest educational publisher and pioneer in digital education solutions. Their business is based on knowing their customers’ needs and working with them. Sanoma Pro produce printed and digital educational materials and provide electronic services for basic, high school and vocational education. They make teachers’ lives easier by providing tools and content for teaching, diversifying, and developing learning outcomes.

About Schilling:

Schilling has worked with publishers for more than 20 years. 96% of Schilling’s customerswould recommend Schilling to other publishers. Schilling specialises in software solutions that support best practice business processes for publishing activities, including modules for optimising publishing lifecycle management (PLM), contracts, rights and royalty manage- ment (CRR), and author relations – solutions that provide business insight and agility and have a proven return on investment between 12 to 18 months.

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