Norstedts got the system they wanted from Schilling

There is much to do at Sweden’s second largest publishing company when the entire portfolio of fiction, professional literature, book clubs and books for children and young people is to work together with business processes, payments and revenue. The answer to the company’s needs: a unified business system from the Danish solution provider, Schilling – Norstedts got the system they wanted.


When Norstedts, Sweden’s second-largest publishing group and thus one of the largest in Scandinavia, found that service was no longer available for their business system, they began searching the market for a new system to support their business.

A decision to invest

We primarily saw it as a decision to invest. The system wasn’t meant as an expense, but rather something that would pay back through smoother processes in our publishing company. We looked at different systems and asked around in the industry. Many people recommended Schilling as the business partner that would be able to give us what we wanted, explains Peder Hagerström, Director of Production and IT at Norstedts

After having met with Schilling and seen what they had to offer, Norstedts were sure about what they wanted, particularly because Schilling’s solutions were much more ready for use than the competitors’.

This means we now have a system that is more standardised, and has fewer specific customisations, and implementing new applications therefore goes faster, Peder Hagerström points out.

Industry knowledge benefits everybody

One of the benefits for Norstedts of collaborating with Schilling is the vast experience Schilling has gained through decades of work- ing with the most important companies in the publishing industry.

Of course, this means that some of the know- ledge Schilling gains from our collaboration will benefit other publishers. In turn, we benefit from other customers’ experiences. In the end I’m sure this “give and take” benefits us all,” Peder Hagerström emphasises. Specifically he points to the extreme reliability of Schilling’s solutions and services.

Everybody takes responsibility

The uptime is very high – and in case of prob- lems the people at Schilling react promptly. I’m convinced this is because they are an organisa- tion where every employee is very good at what they do – and everybody is allowed to take responsibility. Unlike some of the very large suppliers adapting and changing your products with Schilling is a smooth and easy process,” says Peder Hagerström.

All things considered, Norstedts has been very happy with their choice of the Danish supplier of solutions to the publishing industry and consultancy services.

Right on schedule

We now have a product that enables most branches of the company to operate with the same business system, which at the same time supports our business. Also, working with the people at Schilling has been a pleasure. Both we and Schilling have devoted a lot of resources – and we went live right on schedule,” says Peder Hagerström.

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About Norstedts:

Norstedts is a publishing house in Sweden with a wide and well-known publication. They publish fiction, non-fiction, children and youth books with both quality and breadth. The publishing group consists of Norstedts, Rabén & Sjögren, Massolit, Tiden, and B. Wahlströms, Norstedts Kartor, Böckernas club, Children’s Book Club and Printz Publishing.

About Schilling:

Schilling has worked with publishers for more than 20 years. 96% of Schilling’s customerswould recommend Schilling to other publishers. Schilling specialises in software solutions that support best practice business processes for publishing activities, including modules for optimising publishing lifecycle management (PLM), contracts, rights and royalty manage- ment (CRR), and author relations – solutions that provide business insight and agility and have a proven return on investment between 12 to 18 months.