Norstedts got the system they wanted

There is much to do at Sweden’s second largest publishing company when the entire portfolio of fiction, professional literature, book clubs and books for children and young people is to work together with business processes, payments and revenue. The answer to the company’s needs: a unified business system from the Danish solution provider, Schilling.


When Norstedts, Sweden’s second-largest publishing group and thus one of the largest in Scandinavia, found that service was no longer available for their business system, they began searching the market for a new system to support their business.

A decision to invest

We primarily saw it as a decision to invest. The system wasn’t meant as an expense, but rather something that would pay back through smoother processes in our publishing company. We looked at different systems and asked around in the industry. Many people recommended Schilling as the business partner that would be able to give us what we wanted,

explains Peder Hagerström, Director of Production and IT at Norstedts.

After having met with Schilling and seen what they had to offer, Norstedts were sure about what they wanted, particularly because Schilling’s solutions were much more ready for use than the competitors’.

This means we now have a system that is more standardised, and has fewer specific customisations, and implementing new applications therefore goes faster,

Peder Hagerström points out.