GO Forlag implements Schilling Publishing in 30 days

GO Forlag implements Schilling Publishing in 30 days. On 30 June GO Forlag put Schilling’s publishing solution into operation to support their subscriptions, royalty, and integration to other systems. The solution will help GO Forlag ensure efficient handling of everything from contracts and royalty to printed and digital publications. The solution optimises all GO Forlag’s current work processes and will also further develop their business as it supports all future subscription types.


The implementation of Schilling Publishing went smoothly and fast, not least because GO Forlag had chosen to install a standard solution with only few adaptations. As the implementation project progressed there was constant focus on the project with user training and test to ensure approval of the solution along the way.

Efficient project management
The project was based on Schilling’s standard project model, which ensured that the project kept going in the right direction. This included weekly status meetings with project managers from GO Forlag and Schilling, ensuring progress in accordance with the project plan, while the steering committee were kept up to date about the project status at all times, enabling them to make decisions if any deviations occurred. GO Forlag implements Schilling Publishing in 30 days.

Standard integration and new integration with UNI-C
Integration is always a big challenge in implementation projects. During the implementation of the new system it was difficult for GO Forlag – like it is for most other publishers in the same situation – to get the correct data ouy of their previous IT system. Schilling’s many years of experience with integrations and conversion of data ensured the necessary data quality.

Apart from Schilling’s normal standard integrations, they developed a special integration to DBK, which ensures a far better overview of the order and delivery status. Together with GO Forlag, Schilling also developed a unique integration to UNI-C, providing a better and more integrated online service for schools and other educational institutions. This means that GO Forlag avoid double work and avoid having to maintain more than one system.

Tove From Jørgensen, CEO at GO Forlag, points out the benefit of the integration:

The integration that we and Schilling have developed together is far better than the one we had in the Admiral system. We have more information which means that we can provide better service to our customers.

Last but not least, in connection with GO Forlag’s automated electronic invoices Schilling recommended that they change from Nets to Sproom, which also proved to be an advantage for them. All in all, GO Forlag expect that their bookkeeper alone will be able to save a third of his time.

GO Forlag very satisfied
GO Forlag now have a future-proof, integrated, and scalable solution with more automated processes, which will release many resources. Tove From Jørgensen is very happy with the solution:

I am really glad that we chose Schilling to be our supplier. I find Schilling’s employees to be very competent, and we now have an efficient business system that covers all our needs.

We look forward to a long-term partnership that will further enhance GO Forlag’s business as digitisation spreads. There are still many potential improvement opportunities that Schilling can support,

says Jan W. Juhl, Sales Manager at Schilling.