What our customers say

Publishing management software is only as good as what its users think about it. Read what Schilling customers have to say.


We particulary like the flexibility of the full Schilling Publishing suite for its module based structure together with Schilling’s version update programme, user groups and special support, and their knowledge for the publishing industry, 

Says Gisle Glück Evensen, Group CFO at Aschehoug.

After a comprehensive selection process, we were convinced by the Schilling system’s broad functional coverage and the way that the system integrates standards in the publishing industry.


We constantly work at improving our internal processes. When handling complex processes including author contracts, rights and royalties, we know how important it is to have a well-functioning and fully integrated IT system to support these processes. The return on investment so far, looking at how our processes have been improved, has been highly satisfactory.

We estimate that the project as a whole has given an increase in efficiency of 30%, and our guess is that the Schilling system accounts for half of the impact,

says Anders Vendelvik, CIO at Bonnierförlagen.


Our experiences with our current Royalty and Author Portal solution from Schilling have been very good. A lot of manual processes have been automated and the author portal is a great way to improve communication with our authors. By implementing an integrated contract, rights and royalty solution including digital signing of contracts, we expect to gain even more benefits,

says Sebastian Nordman, CFO, Sanoma Pro.


We save both time and money with Schilling Royalty. We can send out settlements several times a year and have the entries posted automatically. We can keep track of all the transactions on each individual book directly from Schilling and follow up on a continuous basis.

Now we can also send out royalty settlements via e-mail. This saves both time and paper and makes it easy for us to send a copy if somebody has lost the original paper copy.


It was important to us to find a supplier who knows our business routines and who is adaptable in a world like ours that is constantly changing, just like our needs. Therefore it is important that the operations, development, and maintenance of the company’s IT system is very smooth.


Norstedts Publishing Group has chosen Schilling Publishing as their central business system to cover the entire value chain including finance, product management, marketing, customer service, order processing, and royalty. Norstedts chose Schilling primarily because they want to further improve their internal business processes.

Schilling has in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry and has many years’ experience and know-how about how to implement a business system with large publishing companies.


Schilling offers a standard system specially adapted to the publishing industry and it is already being used by several large publishers in Scandinavia and England. The system can be used without any major adjustments apart from integration with some external systems, such as Bokrondellen.

Schilling’s employees know the system and the publishing business well, which is essential during the development phases and also during the implementation.